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Privacy Policy
At ‘Destination Dubai’, we sincerely protect the privacy of our honourable customer’s personal information other than the information relevant to make booking with us, we take care of our customer’s rights to privacy in connection with their interaction with this website, our scope of commitment as part of your information are as follows.

  1. Personal Information
    We collect your information in case when you contact us to inquire us about our products and services, this information includes your Name, contact details, Electronic Mail ID, Postal address, Payment details and referral source, after the submission of the information required, you here by to give consent to ‘Destination Dubai’ to use your information to process orders in a proper manner.
  2. Use of Information
    We shall use any personal information of a client obtained through this website in order to process the booking as requested, to verify the credit card details, we shall share the relevant information associated with clients travel or any other miscellaneous services he or she would like to avail of. This information shall also be used for auditing, and researching purposes in order to improve the performance of our website.
  3. Privacy of your information
    Information provided by our customers during the online booking, such as their Name, Postal address, Electronic mail ID, and credit card details is strictly considered private and will not be disclosed or sold to anyone except for certain supplier or third parties whole involvement in the loop is fundamental for the successful processing of your order, However before we make sure that these third parties abide by our privacy policy and adhere to strict measures.
  4. Legal Disclosure of Information
    We shall disclose your personal information when we feel that such discloser is pertinent to protect our company’s rights and/or abide by a court order or a legal proceeding.
  5. Non-Personal Information
    ‘Destination Dubai’ consistently collects data from the website, using web logs and third-party service providers, however this data is mostly deployed to evaluate the efficiency of our website contents and features.
  6. Opt-Out
    ‘Destination Dubai’ provides options for visitors to our website to ‘opt-out’ of having their personal information used for certain purposes. For instance, if you don’t want to receive any marketing material by way of newsletter or promotional emails, you can choose to request us not to send advertising information from ‘Destination Dubai’ or our affiliate websites.
  7. Contests and Surveys
    ‘Destination Dubai’ conducts contests, drawings and surveys every now and then. Some contents are organized in collaboration with a third-party sponsor, and visitors to our websites will be informed at the time of the contest regarding the involvement of a particular third party and their extent of using your personal information. Since participating in these contests is voluntary, it’s solely at your discretion whether or not to partake in them and reveal your personal information.
  8. Secured Transaction
    In order to maintain accuracy of data and avoid unauthorized access of our client’s personal information, we make sure that all transactions are carried out through our secured server. Moreover, we utilize technical safeguard system such as encryption, socket layers, and firewalls to secure your sensitive information like credit card details.